Meet Our Wranglers

We are so lucky to have such amazing staff this year! All of our staff are CPR & First Aid certified and have a lot of experience with horses. 


Hi there I'm Amelia. Horses and the adventure of the wilderness found me at a time when I needed it most - as a lonely teen trying to tame my first wild horse. That feral mare became my best friend. She kept me safe in many rebellious escapes into the woods miles from the rest of the world. I love all living things including my 1,000-pound geldings. I’m a people person and I live to bring the incredible gift of horses and nature I have found to others. This is my first summer working for PNW Guided Trail Rides and I am excited to use my experience as a horse trainer, trail guide, and from being a former PATH riding instructor (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship). Let’s ride!!!


Howdy! My name is Carson. I’ve been pursuing western horsemanship for ten years. My horse and I love to spend time roping, cow sorting, and going on trail rides! Someday I hope to be the best horse trainer ever, so I’ve been getting a lot of experience with mustangs, colt starting, and finish work with Nate at Two Eyes Horsemanship. On these guided trail rides, my first priority is the comfort of both the horse and the human.


I’m Ari. I was born and raised in South Georgia, and my fascination with horses started as a child when an older man asked me if I’d ever seen or ridden a horse, while swimming in a local river with my family. With a lot of fear and excitement he helped me into the saddle and walked me around for a little while and it was incredible. Years later I found the fine folks at PNW trail rides, and after one day of riding I couldn’t get enough. I’ve been helping out and learning all I can for about a year now, I hope to see you on the trail!